In Memory of Victims of Police Torture


In Kyiv on Friday morning, outside the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a Wall of Remembrance was erected in memory of those tortured to death by police.

According to representative of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union Marina Hovoruchina, “the network of UHHRU public advice centres register hundreds of complaints of ill-treatment of various kinds by the police”.

Participants in the action cited several examples regarding victims of police behaviour, and erected a symbolic monument “In Memory of Victims of Torture”, laying red carnations.  As we reported earlier, there were 200 which is the number of cases the organizers have evidence to confirm.

The organizers demand that the MIA management properly investigate cases of torture and call on them to support the creation of effective mechanisms of public control over investigations into cases involving torture and ill-treatment.

They pointed out to the MIA management that there is a Public Council on Human Rights which the Minister is continuing to ignore and this could help in fighting violations of human rights by the police.

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