Prosecutor and Tax Police lose to Express newspaper


The Express newspaper reports that the Prosecutor and Tax Police have lost their third court case in a legal battle which began in April this year.

The Tax Police, on the instructions of the Prosecutor, Mr Bahanets, initiated a criminal investigation against Express over alleged evasion of taxes. The newspaper’s Director received a visitation at 8 a.m. and after refusing to leave his five-month old child alone, was taken from his home by force.

The newspaper’s editorial board comments that it was clear that there was a major campaign on to give people the idea that Express do not pay their taxes and are concealing their profits from the State. They say that it was all done so clumsily and in such haste that there was no doubt that the idea was “to bring Express, the largest Ukrainian language newspaper in the country, to its knees. At any cost. We began public protests. The Express case gained international fame.

And now we have the finale. Courts at various levels have three times established that investigator Melnyk had no grounds for initiating a criminal investigation and that the latter was unlawful. The resolution to initiate the case has been cancelled once and for all, and there is no longer any criminal investigation. Interesting whether this investigator will remain in the police force, continuing to initiate criminal investigations against innocent people?

A little earlier Prosecutor Bahanets was dismissed”.

The newspaper notes that it took them 119 days to make sure that the truth prevailed, and thank all those who supported them.

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