Kharkiv authorities: Heal yourselves!


The Kharkiv authorities have closed the only clinic in the village settlement of Borhy which had inpatient facilities.  This means that the residents of Borhy as well as neighbouring Taranivska and Homolshansk where the clinics were closed earlier are effectively deprived of their right to medical care.

The clinic in Borhy had been built through joint efforts and the community had themselves collected the money to buy an x-ray machine. The authorities are now trying to take this from them.

The villagers say that the healthcare situation is shocking. There is only one GP for 5, 400 people. An ambulance will have to travel 30 kilometres to reach a patient in need.  The nearest hospital on public transport is from 4 to 6 hours away.

Typically the decision to close the clinic was taken with no consultation with the public.

The residents have already gathered over 200 signatures to retain the clinic and vow to continue fighting. 

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