Anti-Stalin billboards in Zaporizhya


A second anti-Stalin billboard has appeared in Zaporizhya.  The 3 by 6 metre board has an image of the dictator with a sign in Russian reading: “I KILLED MILLIONS OF UKRAINIANS!  And what will they put up a monument to you for?”

The author of the present banner, the Editor of the Zaporizhya newspaper Subota+, Bohdan Vasylenko has confirmed that he was involved in putting up the new billboard.

He explains that the billboard is a continuation of the struggle by local activists against a monument to the bloody dictator. With it they want to draw the attention of Zaporizhya people to his crimes, and to what he considers the shameful situation whereby local communists in order to keep in what the regime are prepared to resort to any act of provocation.

The first billboard appeared in December 2011, but was removed by unidentified individuals after around 4 hours. 

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