Mahera: Video surveillance during the elections is useless


Deputy Head of the Central Election Commission, Andriy Mahera has spoken of the law just signed by the President which will install video surveillance at polling booths

The President has finally signed the law on video surveillance at the elections. What will you do?

The Cabinet of Ministers will appoint those carrying out all necessary work. It will also distribute funding, and we will have only to pass the decision affirming the technical task where the requirements regarding the video surveillance will be set out, as well as the requirements for the firm carrying out the work.

Will the video surveillance complicate the CEC’s work?

Of course – it certainly won’t make it easier. And judging by the conclusions of the Verkhovna Rada Chief Legal Department which literally demolished the draft law, the video surveillance will also be useless. But it’s not our business to give assessments. We’ll carry it out.

Incidentally the law does not stipulate the Commission’s liability for the lack of video footage…

The maximum possible is a complaint about the Commission’s work which will be considered later, establishing how much it could have influenced the result and so forth.

From a longer interview on a number of issues at UNIAN

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