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Court adjourns hearing into anti-Semitism charges against journalist


The Prymorsky Court in Odessa has rescheduled the examination of the application brought by the Odessa City Prosecutor against the newspaper “Nashe dyelo” until 16 September. As reported earlier, the court has been asked to examine an article “Kill the best of the goyim” by the Editor Ihor Volin-Danilov. He is accused of “Infringement of equal rights on the basis of racial or ethnic identity or attitude to religion” under Article 161 § 1 and 2 of the Criminal Code. The defendant previously admitted guilty in part, however he claims that the offence only falls under paragraph 1 of Article 161.

Paragraph 1 imposes liability for deliberate actions whose aim is inciting ethnic, racial or religious enmity  as well as hatred aimed at humiliating the national honour and dignity of a person or offending citizens’ feelings based on their religious views. Paragraph 2 covers the same behaviour combined with violence, deception or threats, as well as where committed by a person in their official capacity.

At the court hearing, a representative of the Jewish community stated that he had received reports from “xenophobes who attacked synagogues after reading the relevant books”.  He considers that such literature includes the issue of the newspaper mentioned.  Ihor Volin-Danilov asserts that Julius Streicher (the Nazi publisher of the newspaper Der Stürmer, sentenced to death at Nuremburg for his prominent role in the Nazi propaganda machine) is not his pseudonym.  “I reprinted an article from the website Palestina.info the author of which used that pseudonym, but I didn’t write it”, he maintains.


From information posted at http://www.xenodocuments.org.ua/factitem/442

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