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Yushchenko prohibits obstruction of traffic to let corteges carrying high-ranking state officials pass

04.10.2006    source:

The President’s press service has reported that this ban is set down in the Presidential Decree from 1 October “On regulating the use of temporary restrictions or halts to traffic while particular individuals under state guard are passing”.

According to the press service, the Decree which envisages new rules for the movement of car corteges carrying high-ranking state officials was signed in view of the numerous appeals from citizens, and in accordance with Article 106 of the Constitution of Ukraine and Articles 11 and 26 of the Law of Ukraine “On state protection for institutions of state power and state officials”.

This decision was prompted by the present situation when in the course of the movement of one cortege, more than 100 law enforcement officers are involved, with considerable obstruction being cause to transport along the capital’s streets, the press service stressed.

The President favours the European practice where the movement of high-ranking state officials also takes place with the use of guarded corteges, but where this is achieved with only motorcycles accompanying the officials, which does not impede the flow of traffic.

According to the Decree, from now on traffic can only be stopped in exceptional circumstances following a decision from the head of the Department of the National Guard of Ukraine at the request of the President.

The aim of the Decree, the press service states, is first and foremost to restore the constitutional rights of citizens to freedom of movement, to introduce European standards in the issue of security for corteges, and also to make substantial savings from the state budget on serving state officials.

The Decree takes effect from the day of its publication.

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