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Party colleague of Aleksandr Kazulin jailed in Minsk

27.10.2006    source:
Aleksandr Abramovich received 15 days for unfurling a banner reading “Freedom for Kazulin and other Belarusian political prisoners!”

In Minsk on 26 October Aleksandr Abramovich, a member of the Belarusian Social-Democratic Party from Borisov in the Minsk region was arrested. On Friday his relatives and journalists were informed that the politician had been sentenced to 15 days administrative arrest for “organizing an unsanctioned picket.” The day before Abramovich had unfurled a banner near the working residence of Aleksandr Lukashenko which read: “Freedom for Kazulin and other Belarusian political prisoners!”

Abramovich’s  Belarusian Social-Democratic Party is led by Aleksandr Kazulin who was sentenced in July to five and a half years imprisonment. 

Abraham was sentenced under the Code of Administrative Offences for “Holding an unsanctioned picket” to 15 days by the Leninsky District Court in Minsk.

On 26 October at midday Abramovich unfurled his banner, but was detained within minutes by officers of the President’s security service.  He was taken to the city police station, where a protocol was drawn up. At the same time two reporters from the Belarusian Service of Radio Svoboda and from the weekly “Belarusians and the market” were detained and taken to the station, to be released after several hours.

In January of this year Aleksandr Abramovich was imprisoned for 7 days when he held up a banner “Elections without the Lukashenko dictatorship” outside the Presidential Administration.

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