Empowering truth


We understand that everybody makes mistakes, including the media. This does not remove the need to correct misinformation.  After the latest wave of wildly inaccurate information about Hitler dolls, produced in Taiwan, swept through the media, we reminded all English language media outlets of the right to information, and asked for the appropriate measures to be taken. The BBC removed the offending video, however made no apology and clearly does not intend to inform its views that the material presented was inaccurate and in breach of the principles of good journalism. The two UK newspapers involved, the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail simply ignored our letters. The Internet is now teeming with stories and messages of shock and outrage over unverified and false information..

In conditions of freedom of speech, people must be free to express their views openly.

They are entitled to expect the media to represent their views accurately and report on all events objectively, without distortion.

We all have the right to demand that media outlets

  • check their facts
  • do not seriously misrepresent their source
  • at least mention alternative points of view when presenting contentious statements
  • do not manufacture sensations
  • do not copy news stories from other media outlets without acknowledging their source

This has happened before and it will certainly happen again.  We do not have the financial resources of the major media outlets.

We can and will “fight” them one way only - with the truth.

We will be monitoring all such cases where misinformation is spread and will be countering it with truthful, accurate and balanced presentations.


If you have a website, blog or similar, please post our information on it.

Since there are people prepared to distort the facts and twist even the most innocuous words, we would be very grateful if you only quote us verbatim.  Please do not change or add to any statements we issue rectifying incorrect information.

A request also to the media

Approach us when you are offered “sensational information” concerning Ukraine. 

We are NOT asking that you take our word for it.  Quite the contrary – we would ask you to check all information and present differing points of view.

This is what all of us, including your audiences, are entitled to expect.

There are a lot of problems in Ukraine and many people are trying to confront them

You have major resources and opportunities that can help achieve a great deal

Please use them constructively.

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