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Internet Association plans public monitoring over unacceptable material

10.02.2009    source:

Ukraine’s Internet Association [InAU] is planning to launch a web resource on which Internet users can register complaints regarding unacceptable content on the Web. Head of the InAU Board, Oleksandr Olshansky spoke of this on Monday to journalists.

The briefing was timed to coincide with Safe Internet Day marked on 10 February throughout the world and aimed at demonstrating this initiative for making the Ukrainian segment of the Internet safer.

Oleksandr Olshansky explained that a site address had already been taken:  The plan is that after the site is launched, any Internet user will be able to leave information on the site with reference to the site which in his or her opinion contains unacceptable content.  By unacceptable is understood “extremely negative elements”, as set out, for example, in the Memorandum drawn up by InAU of Cooperation  for Safety on the Internet – pornography involving minors, demonstrations of racial and national intolerance, propaganda of terrorism and calls to the violent overthrowing of the State system. Where a certain number of complaints are recorded about a specific site, letters will be automatically sent to the relevant Internet providers, and if necessary, to the law enforcement agencies.

The site should be launched within a month.

Among other initiatives, the participants in the press briefing named the above-mentioned Memorandum, a mass advertising campaign on 10 February in support of the site Onlandia, dedicated to the issue of children’s safety in the Internet, as well in the future as cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science to have a course on Internet safety introduced into the school curriculum.

On 13 February UnAU is holding its fifth congress “Ukraine on the way to an information society”.

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