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Ministry of Finance warns against measures over Kalush

19.02.2010    source:

Acting Finance Minister Ihor Umansky told reporters on Thursday that tackling the environmental disaster in Kalush without a State budget being approved could jeopardize Ukraine’s financial system.  He said that he was not certain that the method set out in the decree was appropriate and given the lack of an approved Budget, could break the financial system. 

He added that the Decree had been prepared without consultation with the Finance Ministry and there were not presently any calculations as to the amounts needed.

As reported, last week the Verkhovna Rada declared the area including the city of Kalush and two villages – Kropyvnyk and Sivka-Kaluska – in the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast an environmental emergency zone. The law affirming the relevant Presidential Decree was supported by virtually all National Deputies. The Cabinet of Ministers is instructed to organize the voluntary resettlement of people from the territory, which is suffering serious ground subsidence, and to find them first temporary then permanent housing.

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