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Prosecutor’s Office confirms criminal case against Kuchma

22.03.2011    source:
The Deputy Prosecutor General stated on Tuesday that the former President is suspected of complicity in the murder of Gongadze and "unlawful acts against the journalist Podolsky"

The Deputy Prosecutor General, Renat Kuzmin has confirmed that a criminal case has been initiated against former President Leonid Kuchma. “He is suspected of being implicated in unlawful actions and the murder of Gongadze and unlawful actions with regard to the journalist, Podolsky”, he stated at a press conference on Tuesday.

He added that Kuchma had been prevented from leaving Ukraine, and said that information to that effect had been passed to the State Border Guard Service.

“In the course of the investigation into the main case regarding Gongadze’s murder all persons linked to the crime are identified. Sufficient evidence has been gathered indicating that Leonid Kuchma is implicated in the cases against Gongadze and Podolsky”, he said. In response to a question regarding which article of the Criminal Code was involved, he said “exceeding ones powers, giving an unlawful instruction to the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior which led to the journalist’s murder”/

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