UNHCR condemns Ukraine’s refusal to admit Kyrgyz asylum seeker

31.03.2012 |


The UN Refugee Agency has condemned the refusal to allow a Kyrgyzstan national onto Ukrainian territory in violation of international law and the judgements of the European Court of Human Rights

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees continues to be concerned about the situation of a Kyrgyz national who was denied access to Ukrainian territory in Boryspil airport where she arrived by the flight from Kazakhstan on 29 March 2012.

The Kyrgyz national stated to border guards of Ukraine as well as to the UN Refugee Agency that she was afraid of being returned to the Kyrgyz Republic, or to Kazakhstan, because she fears persecution on the basis of her former political activities. According to the information received by the UN Refugee Agency directly from her, she expressed her wish to seek asylum in Ukraine, but the State Border Guard Service refused to hand over her application for asylum to the State Migration Service.  Instead she was kept in the transit zone with her small child for some twelve hours, and then put on a flight to Georgia, dthe fact that the authorities had become aware that she was holding an invalid travel document.   

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