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Confederation of Free Trade Unions accuses authorities of pressure

18.05.2012    source:


On Thursday the Confederation of Free Trade Unions informed that two officials apparently from the Kamyanets-Podilsky Department for Fighting Organized Crime had arrived at the Confederation’s central office in the city to undertake a search aimed at finding and removing documents belonging to the All-Ukrainian Trade Union “Defence of Justice” [Zakhyst Spravedlivosti”].

They showed nothing except their ID, and it was only when MP and Head of the Confederation Mykhailo Volynets arrived, that they allowed staff to make a copy of the instruction issued by the local investigator.

The documents they were seeking supposedly pertain to a criminal investigation against the head of the primary trade union organization, Anatoly Yasnylo. The allegation is that on 25 June 2009 voting was not held at the meeting of the primary trade union organization and that Protocol No. 1 was forged.

Later in the day another MP Andriy Pavlovsky stated that his and Mykhailo Volynets’ public reception offices were also being searched.

They accuse the authorities of putting the Confederation of Free Trade Unions under pressure in the run-up to planned protests on 21 May against the new Labour Code. 

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