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CVU reports first infringements in Donetsk region

28.10.2012    source:
These include not enough ballot papers, voters being brought to polling stations in minivans apparently organized by the local authorities and others

Serhiy Tkachenko and Oleksandr Klyuzhev from the Donetsk regional branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU]  have reported the first electoral violations in the Donetsk oblast.

All Precinct Electoral Commissions [PEC] opened on time, however there were incidents in some regarding ballot papers.

At No. 141626 (Electoral District No. 41) the head of the PEC found that the keys to the safe where the ballot papers are kept had disappeared from her handbag. An official observer from the Party of the Regions opened the safe with a saw which led to ballot papers being set alight.  31 ballot papers were either ruined or damaged. No act was drawn up given the number of damaged ballot papers in this single-mandate electoral district.

At some polling stations the number of ballot papers was lower than the number of voters on the voter list.

At polling stations No. 141653 (Electoral District No. 42) ballot papers for national party lists were missing 19 ballot papers;  in the single-mandate electoral district they were 15 papers short.

The same situation was seen at No. 141494 (Electoral District No. 51) which was 13 ballot papers short.

In certain PEC there were conflicts between members of the commission and official observers from political parties.

Issue of ballot papers without proper ID being shown

At polling station №140682 (Electoral District №52) a voter voted on his own behalf, then returned to a member of the commission and took a ballot paper for his daughter. This was noticed by an official OPORA observer, and the ballot paper annulled, with the relevant note being added to the voter list.

Transporting of voters

Large-scale transportation of voters to precincts was seen in Electoral Districts No. 41 – 45.

Such cases were seen at polling stations № 141731 (ED №45) and № 141626 (ED №41).  According to the drivers, the minivans were organized by the local authorities.

As of 13.00 no cases of unlawful issue of ballot papers or infringements by the electoral commissions had been recorded.

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