Victims of the Armenian Genocide honoured today in Ukraine and throughout the world


Prayers and solemn processions have taken place in many Ukrainian cities in memory of the victims of the terrible massacre 92 years ago when Turkey, then part of the Ottoman Empire, killed between 600 thousand and 1.5 million Armenians.

In Simferopol more than 1500 Crimean Armenians lit candles and took part in a procession to the centre of the city.

Lviv also remembered the victims. The oldest community in Halychyna gathered near the Armenian Cathedral. Although there are three and a half thousand Armenians in Lviv, not many attended the gathering.

Mykola Kocharyan, Vice President of the Union of Armenians of Ukraine: “The nation was effectively destroyed and therefore for all Armenians who have settled in virtually all parts of the world because of that genocide, this anniversary really is a tragic day.”

Oleg Garbrielyan, Head of the Crimean Armenian Community: “Those who committed the genocide hope that they would erase the very name of our people from history, yet without realizing it, they imbued us with an extraordinary strength which has united Armenians from all over the world for more than 90 years now.”


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