Persecution continues in Belarus


A court in Brest has imprisoned the Belarusian youth leader Pavel Severinets for 15 days. He was charged with “repeated infringement of procedure for holding mass events”.

As already reported, on 19 August at the office of the Brest opposition party “Belarusian National Front”, a presentation was planned of Pavel Severinets’ book “Letters from a forest” [about his time as a political prisoner – translator]. However members of the OMON [riot police] burst in, detaining Severinets and 30 other people.

Before the trial Pavel Severinets had the following to say about what was happening:

“What took place on 19 August and in subsequent days was lawlessness. Like much that is happening at present in our country. They will answer for this lawlessness before a human trial and before God. And I believe that those who believe in God and love Belarus will in the end be victorious”.

In July Pavel Severinets was also imprisoned for half a month on the eve of the marking of the anniversary of Belarus’ declaration of independence.

The youth leader also spent two years imprisoned for organizing opposition actions in October 2004, protesting against the outcome of a referendum on extending Lukashenko’s right to stand for President.

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