Of 2,721 court orders removing driving licences, only 51 enforced


The Deputy Prosecutor General – Kyiv Prosecutor Yevhen Blazhivsky has submitted a formal request to the Central Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kyiv to eliminate infringements of road safety legislation. This includes withdrawal of driving licences following a court ruling, increasing administrative influence on offenders and holding to answer offending traffic police officers.

According to the Kyiv Prosecutor’s office, during checks it carried out, into the work of the traffic police in the capital, numerous cases were uncovered where police officers had not enforced court rulings to take driving licences away.

For example, over several years, traffic police in the Dniprovsky district of Kyiv had failed to implement the district court’s ruling to strip a Kyiv resident of his licence.  The person had been stopped eight times over the last three years while in a state of alcoholic intoxication by the traffic police. Each time the court had applied the stiffest administrative penalty – deprivation of ones driving licence for up to two or even three years.

In total, during the first half of this year, only 51 of the 2,721 court orders to strip a person of their driving licence were applied, this being 1.8%.  This convinces drivers of their impunity and leads to greater danger on the roads, the press service of the Kyiv Prosecutor’s office stresses.

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