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Deutsche Welle has published an apology for having posted false information regarding the Hitler doll.  The apology comes with the promised interview with Editor-in-Chief of  “Telekritika” ,  Yevhen Minko:

“DW-WORLD.DE was among the European media sources to publish the falsified report on its English site in April 2008. It has since been removed from the Web site. The editors apologize to those readers who were offended by the publication of the article.

We would very much recommend the interview posted here:,2144,3337110,00.html

We are extremely grateful to Kristin Zeier, Editor of the English Page of Deutsche Welle for making this clear statement and removing misleading information from the DW site.

As with the BBC, we hope that lessons can be learned and would be very happy to cooperate in any modest way we can to avoid such situations in the future.

And to all of those who have been so active in bringing this misinformation to the attention of all websites which reposted it,


Special thanks to two Taras’

Taras Ciuriak has been determinedly ridding the Internet of toxic lies and many of the sites which now have nothing on them listed below are thanks to him.

Taras R’s blog spot

was the first online English-language source to trace and debunk the Hitlergate

and to Steve Komarnycky of

Apologies to all those whom we can’t name without asking permission, or whose names we don’t know but who have obviously also been very active.

These are some of the sites that have withdrawn the lies]  with an apology  with an apology

YNetNews (Israel)

We are still awaiting apologies from the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph.  Their silence is becoming deafeningly inappropriate.

We will certainly pass on their apologies, (or news of our complaints to the Press Complaints Commission)


We’re getting there – together! 


Halya Coynash, Yevhen Zakharov

Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

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