Court dismisses charges against lawyer Tetyana Montyan


Kyiv’s Podilsky District Court has found lawyer Tetyana Montyan not guilty of the administrative charges laid against her of wilfully disobeying the lawful orders of a police officer.  The court examined the administrative case filed under Article 185 of the Code of Administrative Offences (willful disobedience of the lawful orders or demands of a police officer) and terminated it. Ms Montyan told Ukrainian News that the court dismissed the case due to lack of evidence of an administrative offence.

As reported earlier, on 21 October in her blog on the site of Ukrainska Pravda Tetyana Montyan stated that she had been detained in a cell of the Podilsky Police Station in Kyiv. She told Telekritika that she had been detained without any explanation after she tried to defend her client. She asserts that the police officers had beaten this woman and dragged her unconscious by the legs along the corridor. Ms Montyan says that she did identify herself as a lawyer.

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