Zaporizhya: Protest in support of beleaguered newspaper Subbota Plus


Around 100 local journalists and readers of Subbota Plus [Saturday Plus] protested against censorship and pressure on the publication.

The Chief Editor of the newspaper Bohdan Vasylenko was defiant, assuring those present that the newspaper would not let itself be dictated to.  Before the meeting leaflets were ciculated asserting that the last issue of the newspaper had had to be published at another printing press because of pressure.

According to Vasylenko, the Keramist Printing Press refused to print the newspaper while it hadl material in it about a local businessman.  After Vasylenko wrote of pressure, he received a letter from the acting head of the printing press saying that they were willing to print the publication if it corrected false information about Keramist. 

Vasylenko has said that he plans to take the printing press to court.

Photo by Olha Vesyanka, journalist and one of the participants in the protest

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