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today 01.10.2016 18:27
(by Kyiv time)


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Hromadskie.tv journalists beaten up in centre of Kyiv


Two journalists from the public broadcasting initiative Hromadskie.tv, Dmytro Hnap and Yaviv Lyubych, were assaulted on Friday morning near the Mariyinsky Palace.  Their video recorder was also smashed and a flash drive containing material taken away.

Dmytro Hnap explained live, his face still bloodied, that the two were attacked by around 20 people after they began filming those who were going to the pro-government anti-EuroMaidan rally. He explains that after the first assault when they lost the video camera, they approached the police.  When some of the officers refused to intervene, they made a formal call out.  Then two officers went with them, with the journalists filming this on their mobiles.  They walked up to the leaders of the athletic thugs (Hnap calls them “titushki” after the name of the hired thug who beat up a woman journalist while “guarding” the pro-government “antifascist” event on May 18).  They didn’t even attempt to hide, Hnap notes.

He adds that their leader shouted out “get the cops and grab the video camera” after which the young thugs began attacking both the journalists and the two officers.

Lyuchych says that after this one of the thugs took a picture of the assaulted police officers and asked “Why did you go with them, tomorrow you’ll get the sack”.

The thugs also stole a mobile telephone. The journalists decided not to await the police and ambulance and made their way to the Hromadskie.tv studio from where they called the police.

Ukrainska Pravda reports that people brought in by the Party of the Regions are gathering on European Square for an organized rally in support of the president and government.  There are a large number of these bodybuilding types near Mariynsky Park.

From the IMI report

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