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today 01.10.2016 11:42
(by Kyiv time)


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Driver abducted while trying to evacuate an invalid


Yevgeny Frantsuk was abducted on Aug 3 in Shakhtyorsk while trying to evacuate a patient from the hospital on Filatov St. There has been no contact with him at all since 15.00 when he was still within the hospital grounds. The information is reported by Pastor Sergey Kosyak who is actively involved in a huge evacuation operation. He writes that dozens of buses are presently involved, driven by volunteers like Yevgeny Frantsuk.

Two people involved in the evacuation have already been held in captivity by the Kremlin-backed militants. One is still held by them. The other was beaten, intimidated and humiliated, and had his vehicle taken away.

Pastor Sergey expresses outrage, asking what the militants see as the fault of believers and people seeking only to help others evacuate. He says he doesnt know how to ask another driver to take another invalid or mother with children when it could end badly for them.

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