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How do you get rid of an inconvenient union head?


It’s a risky business being the head of a trade union these days. For example, if you irritate the management with your activities (defending employees from unlawful dismissals, etc) you can simply be accused of drunkenness in the workplace.

This is what happened to the head of the trade union “Defence of Justice” at the open stock company “Zaporizhkokc”, Oleksiy Babak. He was not allowed into work with them accusing him of being inebriated.

Mr Babak insisted on a medical test. This resulted in a conclusion from the regional drug clinic asserting that he was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, yet not stating how this was established. The conclusion was issued at 19.35. On that same day, at 22.00, Mr Babak went to the city hospital where a blood test was taken and the opposite conclusion issued, that no traces of alcohol had been found.

Despite this, on 1 June, Oleksiy Babak was dismissed on the grounds of “being at work in a state of alcoholic intoxication”. The dismissal was against the decision of the trade union.

Mr Babak is preparing to seek reinstatement via the courts.

Marina Hovurukhina

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