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Peru’s parliament passes Resolution acknowledging Holodomor as an act of genocide

06.07.2007    source:

On 21 June 2007 the Peruvian Congress passed a Resolution to mark the 75th anniversary of Holodomor [the Famine] of 1932-1933 in Ukraine. The Resolution expresses parliament’s solidarity with the Ukrainian people in remembering the tragedy 75 years ago, and recognizes it as an act of genocide.

In addition, appealing to principles of justice and mutual respect between nations, the Congress stressed that such tragedies as Holodomor in Ukraine must never be allowed to happen again. With regard to this, the Congress condemns any acts of totalitarianism, as well as crimes committed against humanity. The Peruvian parliament decided to pass the Resolution to Ukraine’s Temporary Representative in Peru O.V. Lyashenko to forward to President Yushchenko.

The Text of the Resolution was read out by the Speaker of the Peruvian Congress during a plenary session of parliament attended by Ukraine’s Temporary Representative in Peru and broadcast on national television.

This makes Peru the first country in Latin America in which the highest legislative body has not only honoured the memory of the victims of Holodomor and expressed solidarity with the Ukrainian people, but has also recognized the tragedy as an act of genocide.

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