war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Death is not subject to appeal


A number of public figures, writers, actors and others have offered to vouch for Vasily Aleksanian so that his remand in custody is waived. The Russian radio station “Echo Moskvy” reports that personal guarantees have been signed by the writers Boris Akunin and Vladimir Voinovych, the actresses Lea Akhedzhakova and Inna Churikova and others.

“This is a man who is gravely ill. He won’t go anyway, won’t abscond if he’s placed in a proper hospital. We are prepared to take responsibility for this”, Boris Akunin stated on air. He called the court decision to suspend the proceedings, but to keep Aleksanian in custody “senseless”.

Earlier today, 6 February, the Simonovsky Court in Moscow suspended proceedings into the case of former YUKOS Vice-President Vasily Aleksanian, however it refused to waive remand in custody. The court apparently considered that were Aleksanian to be at liberty, he could abscond, bring pressure to bear on witnesses or destroy evidence.  The court also noted that Aleksanian is charged with a serious crime.

The court maintains that he can received qualified medical assistance and consultations in the SIZO [remand centre].

The day before the court had added a medical conclusion to the file. This states that Mr Aleksanian’s illness has entered a new phase and he needs treatment in a specialized civil hospital.

Vasily Aleksanian had told the court that death cannot be appealed against. He asked them to show humanity to let him continue to live.

Mr Aleksanian is suffering from AIDS and cancer of the lymph glands.

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