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Nine TV channels sign Charter of Partnership for the Defence of Public Morality

The document was signed between most channels, the Commission for Public Morality, the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council and the Deputy Prime Minister

On 19 March 2009 the “Charter of Partnership for the Information Rights and Freedoms and Defence of Public Morality” was signed between the National Expert Commission for the Protection of Public Morality, the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council, the Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Vasyunyk and national television channels.  A small number have not signed, apparently because they have not thus far obtained the consent of their shareholders or because they were not at the meeting.

As the title of the Charter makes dazzlingly clear, there is a lot of flowery language in the Charter. The following excerpts are ones that seem of relevance.

In the preamble, we read:

In concern for the moral health of Ukrainian society

Article 1

The signatories to this Charter consider the observance of legislation on the protection of public morality to be not only the constitutional duty of the Ukrainian State, but one of the most important components of Ukraine’s national security.

Article 5

The media will ensure unwavering observance of legislation on the protection of public morality and will not allow propaganda of war, fascism and neo-fascism, propaganda of violence, denigration of the honour and dignity of the individual, the spreading of xenophobia, Ukrainophobia and anti-Semitism, racism, pornography and propaganda of violence, incitement of inter-regional, inter-ethnic or inter-denominational conflict.

Article 6

The media will promote the development of Ukrainian and other national cultures, will not allow the propaganda of racial and national enmity, disrespect for national and religious elements of symbolic significance, offence of the nation or individual on the basis of nationality or language.

Article 8

The parities to this Charter, respecting on the one hand the right of the person and citizen, and the interests of the moral development of society on the other, will not allow the dissemination of pornography, will ensure observance of the rules for demonstrate products of an erotic nature, and specifically the observance of the demands established by the European Convention on Trans-border television and Ukrainian special normative acts.

Articles 11 and 12 both speak of “public dialogue” supposedly being the main mechanism for implementing this Charter.

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