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President’s Meeting Schedule classified as secret

29.06.2011    source:


This is to be deduced from the answer which TV STB journalist Serhiy Andrushko received to a question put to the Head of the Central Department for Ensuring Access to Public Information of the President’s Administration, Denis Ivanevsko.

Serhiy Andrushko had tried to find out what the meeting was which had prevented the President from carrying out his promise to allow journalists to visit his residence Mezhyhirya, given at a press conference on 4 June 2010 and to date not kept.

The response to his information request stated that “the President’s schedule is a document which has been stamped “For Official Use Only”. On those grounds, citing Article 22.2 of the Law on Access to Public Information, the request to find out what the meeting was on 4 June 2010.  On air the President told journalists to get ready and that they could go there and then.  However they were soon told that the President had gone to a meeting, that there weren’t coaches available, etc etc.

The letter from the President’s Administration says that on 6 June 2011 during a meeting with the heads of media outlets, Yanukovych once again invited journalists to visit his residence.

“At present the possibility of organizing this event is being studied taking into account the possibilities of his work schedule”.

On 24 June the President held a meeting with journalists from loyal media outlets. The filming of the interview was organized by the President’s Press Service, and there were no cameras from other television channels. 

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