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Hundreds die each year due to traffic police corruption

11.05.2012    source:

According to the website, hundreds of Ukrainians die each year due to the high degree of corruption among the traffic police. They reached this conclusion by comparing the statistics for corruption and for road deaths in Ukraine and other countries.

According to Transparency International rating, Ukraine stands at 2.4 out of 10 (the lower the figure, the worse the level of corruption), while for 10, 000 vehicles there are 104.4 road deaths. In Finland, where the corruption index stands at 9.2, there are only 8.2 road deaths for the same number of vehicles.

“We are accustomed to thinking of corruption as a part of our life. In fact, corruption is death”.

In order to get these and other consequences of corruption across to people and propose possible ways of resolving the problem, has prepared a special video clip (  /

The video, which is rapidly being circulated via the social networks, vividly demonstrates how the level of corruption in Ukraine has changed over the last five years, where people most often come up against corruption, and what, in their view, can overcome bribe-taking.

The authors stress that the problem lies with all of us since corruption is based on our willingness to give and take bribes.

The video “Україна без корупції!” Ukraine without corruption was created by the team on the basis of nationwide studies carried out in 2007-2009; and 2011.  It is part of the projects “Unite for Reform (UNITER) which is financed by USAID. 

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