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More electoral commission shenanigans

10.10.2012    source:


The CEC has appointed (and for the second time) a person to an electoral commission as representing the Union of Anarchists who in 2010 led an electoral commission representing Viktor Yanukovych.

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] reports that the Central Election Commission on 26 September replaced Maxim Fedak with Artem Kovalenko on Precinct Electoral Commission No. 107.  Its action in issuing the relevant Resolution (No. 1098) was apparently in response to a submission from the Union of Anarchists of Ukraine.

Artem Kovalenko however only managed to take part in one meeting of the Commission No. 107. On 1 October with Resolution No. 1184 the Central Election Commission replaced Artem Kovalenko with … Maxim Fedak. This was again on the submission of the Union of Anarchists of Ukraine.

CVU points out once again that Maxim Fedak has no relation to the Union of Anarchists. In 2010 he headed an electoral commission supporting presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych.  Kovalenko, on the other hand, is a member of the board of the Union of Anarchists.

The above is just the latest of a number of cases where those originally appointed to electoral commissions, or later changed, apparently at the request of the marginal parties they supposedly represent, have previously served on electoral commissions representing the Party of the Regions. 

The Central Election Commission draw for membership of district electoral commissions had already received criticism from election monitoring organizations when the same CEC introduced an abrupt change in procedure for precinct electoral commissions which brings in more or less the same system.

Information about election commission No.107 from the Luhansk Regional Branch of the CVU

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