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CEC changes 8 members of electoral commission in contentious constituency

02.11.2012    source:
An opposition MP claims that the changes are in favour of Bohdan Hubsky while an alternative vote count on Thursday by members of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, CHESNO and other civic groups found that United Opposition candidate Leonid Datsenko had won

  The Central Election Commission has replaced 8 of the 18 members of the District Electoral Commission No. 197 where Bohdan Hubsky is competing against United Opposition candidate Leonid Datsenko.

Member of the CEC M. Okhendovsky announced at a briefing that the decision had been taken at a CEC meeting on Thursday. He said the members of the DEC had been replaced for representatives of parties taking part in the elections.  He expressed the hope that this would settle the work of the DEC which he called one of the most problematical.  He said that the DEC had only inserted around 48% of the precinct electoral commissions’ protocols into the Elections information and analysis system.

Opposition MP Andriy Shevchenko, however, tweeted that all 8 new members of the DEC were “Hubsky’s people” and said that they were expecting an emergency session in the evening or at night.

On Thursday there was an alternative vote count at DEC 197 with the participation of the Head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU]; representatives of the civic movement CHESNO; the Executive Director of the Institute for Mass Information Victoria Syumar, and others.  According to their results, United Opposition candidate Leonid Datsenko won.

Before this, Ukrainska Pravda reports, the DEC had dragged out the vote count, while the CEC published data on the basis of the 48% of the protocols processed which give Hubsky 34.67% and Datsenko – 31.83%.

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