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Relatives report that Lutsenko needs intestinal surgery

19.12.2012    source:

Doctors who have examined imprisoned former Interior Minister and opposition leader Yury Lutsenko say that he will need an intestinal operation over the next 6 months. This is despite the fact that 2 weeks ago the State Penitentiary Service claimed that Lutsenko’s health was “satisfactory”.

Larisa Sarhan, Press Secretary of the Narodna Samooborona Party says that the doctors who examined Lutsenko and spoke with members of the Health Ministry medical commission came to this conclusion on Monday 17 December.

The delegation which visited Lutsenko in the Mensk Prison Colony included 12 specialists, including some who have previously examined the former minister. Ms Sarhan says that the doctors were unanimous in concluding that he would need an operation over the next half year.  After he was examined in the Chernihiv Regional Clinic at the beginning of December, his wife showed the results to specialists in Kyiv who also say that an operation is needed to remove polyps from the intestine. Lutsenko’s family insist that any operation must be in a specialist clinic in Kyiv since such operations can lead to complications.

Iryna Lutsenko says that her husband’s condition is worsening by the day and that this is a straignt path to making Yury Lutsenko an invalid.

The Penitentiary Service report asserts that his state of health is satisfactory and that there are no grounds for his hospitalization.  In fact, as reported here, doctors in the Chernihiv Regional Hospital also said that surgery could not be ruled out. 

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