war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

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Yet another Muslim cemetery desecrated in the Crimea

There would seem to be no let up in the worrying sharp increase in attacks on places of religious and cultural importance for the Crimean Tatar people seen in 2012

The Spiritual Directorate of Crimean Muslims informs that a Muslim cemetery has been vandalized in the village of Aksyoro Kionrat (Kondratyevo)

The Chief Imam of the region it’s in Muzaffar Kerimov reports that three gravestones out of marble were stolen.

The police are investigating, but there is no news as to whether a criminal case will be initiated.

The Spiritual Directorate of Crimean Muslims says that such acts of desecration have been on the increase since 1995. It lists these with one from April 1995; one in August 1998; one in August 2004.

In 2005 there were two such cases; in 2007 – three; 2008 – two;  2009 – three; 2010 – three;   In 2011 there was one case. The culprits were not found in the vast majority of these cases.

In 2012 there were eight

18-20 March 2012 5 graves were desecrated at the Muslim cemetery in the village of Saraily Kiyyat (Mirnoye)

15 April a monument to Ismail Gasprinsky in Bakhchysarai was daubed with paint.

On 22 May the gravestone at the grave of the Muslim Holy Man Eskender (Kyarly Aziz) near the village of Novoulyanovsk in the Bakhchysari district was destroyed, probably with a sledge hammer.

On 28 May another cemetery in the village of Kyirk Choppan in the Pervomaisk region;

In June a huge banner with a portrait of the pilot Amet-Khan Suttan on one of the central squares in Simferopol had swastikas painted on it;

On 8 August swastikas were found painted with purple paint on 4 memorial stones with the names of republics to which Crimean Tatars were deported – Uzbekistan; Kyrgystan; Tadzhikistan and Kazakhstan. Only the stone for Russia was untouched.

During the night of 31 August – 1 September in Bilohorsk (Karasubazar, ) a swastika was painted on the memorial stone and the fence destroyed of the grave “Azipgth”. 

In the early hours of 1 December around 100 people forcibly dismantled unauthorized buildings erected by Crimean Tatars.  A few hours later a guard at the site of the future Soborna Mosque was attacked and Molotov cocktails thrown

As reported, the head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, Mustafa Dzhemiliev believes that the lack of any investigation into dozens of acts of vandalism against Muslim cemeteries and Crimean Tatar places of significance has led to the culprits becoming more brazen since they feel sure they won’t be punished.  He says that in general a spirit of chauvinism is rife within the bodies of power in the Crimea. 

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