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CVU: Yalta elections rigged before polling stations closed

04.06.2013 |

According to the Crimea branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU], the elections for Mayor of Yalta on 2 June 2013 were flagrantly falsified during the last four hours of voting.

The Head of the Crimean branch of CVU, Andriy Krisko reports that although there was an extremely low turnout, this is supposedly to have unexpectedly risen around 18.00 although CVU observers did not see people being brought there on a large-scale. At some polling stations ten times more voters are supposed to have voted in one hour than during the previous period. Moreover this surge in electoral activity was accompanied by a number of indicative developments, such as the removal of journalists and observers from polling stations; issue of ballot papers to unidentified individuals, as well as members of the commissions making some kind of notes in voter lists.

“All of that was classified as signs of one type of systemic electoral fraud – adding ballot papers, nor was confirmation of this long in coming. At two polling stations in Yalta and Haspra CVU observers saw fat packets of ballot papers in the ballot boxes. Moreover immediately after this at one of the polling stations, the commission voted for observers to be removed from the polling station”, Andriy Krisko says.

According to CVU’s information this anomalous activity was observed in virtually every populated area of greater Yalta indicating the wide-scale nature of the technique used.

Furthermore, analogous cases where packets of votes were thrown into the ballot boxes were reported at other polling stations by people taking part in the elections. 

Image: Mediasapens 

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