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New criminal investigation against Tymoshenko


The SBU [Security Service] has launched a new criminal investigation.  The case is over an alleged “attempt by former officials of the Cabinet of Ministers, the corporation “United Energy Systems of Ukraine” and the company United Energy International Limited by the prior conspiracy of a group of people through abuse of their official position to embezzle public funding on a particularly large scale to a general figure of 405 million US dollars”.

The criminal investigation was initiated following approaches to the SBU by Prime Minister Azarov on 23 June 2011 and on 29 June, as well as the approach from Russia’s Defence Miniser, A. Serdyukov to the Ukrainian Government on 10 June.

The Russian Ministry of Defence asked for United Energy Systems of Ukraine’s debt of 405.5 million dollars to be paid.

As reported here, the criminal proceedings against Tymoshenko over other issues have already aroused grave concern and led to open statements from many representatives of European and US bodies. 

Photo: Reuters

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