Tax Police backtrack over Lutsk broadcaster Avers


   The State Tax Administration Volyn Regional Office have promised to punish those responsible for initiating a tax investigation into the Lutsk TV and Radio broadcaster “Avers”.  As reported, the latter were informed on 24 July of an unscheduled check over 5 working days. The notification stated that the purpose was to check adherence to tax, foreign currency and other legislation.  The check began on 26 July.

When the Director asked how this complied with the moratorium on such checks during the pre-election period, she was told by the tax police that it was the first time they were hearing of such a moratorium.

The check was apparently cancelled by a decision on 26 July.  The Tax Administration states that it is strictly adhering to the moratorium.

While this turnaround is clearly to be welcomed, the indignation over one office not complying with the moratorium if this had not come after the scandalous tax police search and criminal proceedings initiated against TVi, the main independent TV channel in Ukraine.  Cancellation of the Lutsk check roughly coincided with the announcement that the criminal charges against TVi Director Mykola Knyazhytsky were being dropped.

This followed considerable protest from international media watchdogs, the US government and others.

New information reported by Telekritika – the statement by the head of the STA for the Volyn region was in response to an information request. At present there is nothing on their official website.

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