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CVU Danger that leading mayoral candidates will be removed from the lists


The Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] believes that one of the serious risks of the present election campaign for the local elections is of widespread removal of the most popular mayoral candidates from the running the night before the elections.

“In practice this technique for removing high-rating candidates on far-fetched pretexts before the elections will, I think, work. And on the last evening we will receive signals that candidates leading in the elections are falling like flies”, the Head of the CVU, Oleksandr Chernenko said on Wednesday.

He called this one of the greatest dangers and risks of this campaign.

He thinks that “such a plan could work in some cities, for example, in Cherkasy where the present Mayor Serhiy Odarych has a chance of retaining his post, but there is a danger that he’ll be excluded from the elections.”

The Coordinator of the Project MESTNYE.com [the word means local], Pavlo Karaichentsev reported that a similar situation can be seen in Zhytomyr where the current Mayor, Vira Sheludchenko, would most probably retain her post, however there is a danger of her being excluded from the electoral process.

Mr Karaichentsev also thinks that the Mayors of Lviv, Chernivtsi and Bila Tserkva have a chance of being re-elected.

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