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SBU investigators control visits to Tymoshenko in penal colony


Security Service [SBU] investigators announced on Wednesday that former Prime Minister and leader of the opposition Batkivshchyna can have two visits a week from her daughter, Yevhenia, while her lawyer, National Deputy Serhiy Vlasenko, can see her at any time.

The fact that the SBU investigators dictate visits and other aspects of Ms Tymoshenko’s regime highlights the grounds for concern over her transfer from the Kyiv SIZO [pre-trial detention centre] to the Kachanivska Penal Colony No. 54 in the Kharkiv region on 30 December.

Since the SBU are investigating further criminal charges against the former Prime Minister, and a judge from the Shevchenkivsky District Court actually went through a “court hearing” in Ms Tymoshenko’s cell in order to order her remand in custody over those charges, the move so far from Kyiv and the investigators must raise questions. Most commentators suggest that Ms Tymoshenko is being moved as far away from the capital as possible, this only confirming the general view that the prosecution is politically motivated.

Ms Tymoshenko’s supporters set up two Batkivshchyna Party campaign tents outside the Kachanivska Penal Colony.  A spokesperson said that the tents would be open daily from 0800 until 2000. As well as providing campaigning information, it would collect letters and telegrams in support of the imprisoned former Prime Minister.

Information from the SBU site and media reports. Photo from the Radio Svoboda Ukrainian Service

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