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Abducted journalists and activists released


One of the people stopped on Sunday on the border between the Kherson oblast and the Crimea and then abducted has told his wife that he was beaten and robbed by Crimean Berkut officers.

The journalists and others abducted on Sunday have been released and are on their way back to Kyiv.  Kateryna Rakhno, whose husband, Yevhen, was driving the car told TVi that she had spoken with her husband by telephone.  He says that he was beaten by Berkut riot police who put a gun to his head. He adds that they took anything valuable and money - $600 and 300 UAH., and also damaged the inside of the Wrangler jeep they were in.

As reported, two groups of journalists and activists were detained on Sunday and then taken away.  One journalist was released because a relative arrived in his own car and with Crimean registration, but the fate of the others was unknown until Tuesday evening.

Those released are Ukrainsky Tyzhden journalist Olena Maksymentko and two activists – Kateryna Butko and Oleksandra Ryazantseva,  press photographer Oleh Kromples and Yevhen Rakhno, whose car they were travelling in.

The whereabouts of (at very least) civic activists Andriy Shchekun; Anatoly Kovalsky; Ihor Kiriushchenko and Andrei Klymenko are still unknown.

Photo from Ukrainska Pravda

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