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Ombudsperson calls for Lutsenko to receive hospital treatment

05.09.2011    source:


The Human Rights Ombudsperson, Nina Karpachova has appealed to the management of the Penitentiary Service over the state of health of former Minister of internal Affairs, Yury Lutsenko who has been held in detention since December 2010.

The Ombudsperson’s Press Service reports that on the basis of their monitoring and in response to appeals from National Deputies reporting deterioration in Mr Lutsenko’s condition, Nina Karpachova has made an urgent application to the Head of the State Penitentiary Service, Oleksandr Lisitskhov. 

She asks for Mr Lutsenko to receive a medical examination and professional medical care in one of the Health Ministry’s medical establishments.

Should urgent resolution of the above be impossible, she insists that Yury Lutsenko be moved to the SIZO [detention centre] medical unit and provided with all the medical care available within that unit.

The Ombudsperson’s proceedings with respect to Yury Lutsenko’s case are continuing. 

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