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Osman Pashaev leaves Crimea


Osman Pashaev, founder of the Crimean Internet channel CrimeanOpenCh has left the Crimea following his abduction by so-called ‘self-defence’ vigilantes who subjected him to beating over four hours then handed him over to the FSB and section for fighting ‘extremism’.  

Pashaev told Radio Svoboda’s Crimea programme that he does not trust the law enforcement bodies on the Crimea and has left in order to approach the Prosecutor General’s Offices of both Ukraine and Russia.

“I will demand that they find out who is abducting journalists in the Crimea, removing their technology and robbing them, and then passing them over to officers of the Investigative Committee and police, with they in turn not able to ascertain who  brought the journalists to them”.

Pashaev says that the laws are not working in the Crimea which is an occupied territory with those in power ‘bandits and a junta’.

As reported, Osman Pashaev, who was previously the news editor for the Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR, had been reporting from the remembrance ceremonies marking the seventieth anniversary of the Deportation of the Crimean Tatar People.

He and Turkish cameraman Dzhengiz Tizgin were reported missing soon afterwards,  seen since the remembrance gathering on May 18 in Simferopol, which Pashaev was broadcasting live.

In the early hours of Monday morning Pashaev, Tizgin and seven other people – six journalists and a passer-by who tried to defend them were released from the police station.  All had received summons for later in the day though it was unclear why.  All had been held, beaten and robbed by the vigilantes. 

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