Documenting war crimes in Ukraine.
The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

The President’s requirements …

14.12.2012 has investigated how 635 million UAH of public funding was spent on President Yanukovych: on hunting, fishing, cars, reception of guests and other expenses.  None on open tender, and with absolutely no transparency.

The authors write that the authorities don’t like to divulge how much President Yanukovych’s expenses cost the taxpayer and what exactly the money goes on. “It is known definitely that construction and repair work on the territory of state residences comes under the budgetary item “construction and repairs on priority objects of state and regional significance” but officials do not explain what those objects are.

The only source of information which makes it possible to gauge how money is spent on the President’s upkeep is the Public Procurement Herald. From this one finds that in 2012  that in 2012 the State Department of Affairs [in Ukrainian DUS] and other structures purchase on tender work, goods and services to the tune of 635 million UAH.  Since 2010 1.42 billion UAH has been spent on these things. For comparison, the State Intelligence Service in 2012 spent 531 million UAH.

Not one tender for construction or repair work on presidential buildings was carried out through open tender. All tenders were run according to non-competitive procedure – procurement from one bidder. This made it possible to not waste time on explaining why one contractor specifically was chosen, and not to publish the technical scope of the tender. After all it is that document which makes it clear precisely what work and materials have been ordered. This enables one to judge whether the price in each specific case is fair as well as about the level of luxury at this or that location. Not, however, when it comes to the President.

The expenditure which is already hefty does not take into account the potential benefit to the State budget lost through the fault of the President and his service structures. … 30 thousand hectares of hunting ground near Sukholuchya outside Kyiv and 9 thousand hectares near Medved-gory in the Crimea could have been sold or leased out. Instead, these reserve lands have been handed over free of charge for 49 years to the “presidential” society of hunters and fishermen “Kedr”.

The photos and figures for individual “priority objects” and / or expenses can be viewed here

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