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Kerch authorities accused of pressure on local media


Iryna Sedova, Editor of the Internet publication Kerch FM reports via facebook that her site has been subjected to a serious DDOS attack.  She believes this to be part of general measures by the Kerch authorities to put pressure on media sources in the city. 

Kerch FM had earlier reported that the Kerch authorities are putting pressure on the media and disrupting the work of the television and radio company Breeze. This, it says, will lead to 10 FM radio stations in the city stopping broadcasting.

According to Kerch FM, the authorities sent Breeze a letter informing them that they were terminating the lease agreement signed in 2006 for the land on which Breeze’s premises are located.  The letter is signed by the Deputy Mayor Sviatoslav Brusak and demands that the land be vacated by 12 August.

Since the land holds a radio tower serving 10 leading FM radio stations, these will all be totally removed from air.  

Breeze is not in arrears, and has a contract with the City Council which, Kerch-FM says, was extended for a further 5 years.  Brusak writes in his letter that the contract is no longer in force. Kerch-FM calls the letter a clear attempt to put pressure on the media.

A protest is planned on Monday outside the City Council in defence of freedom of speech.  

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