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Call to investigate death of 19-year-old Dmitry Pozdeev in police custody


On Wednesday, Oct. 9, Amnesty International in Ukraine called for an objective and comprehensive investigation into the death in the Komunarivsky Police Station in Zaporizhya of 19-year-old Dmytro Pozdeev. 

“The authorities must immediately launch an investigation into the sudden death of  Dmitry Pozdeev in the police station, as well as the role of the police in this tragedy. All actions by the police officers preceding the young man’s death need to be explained and, no less importantly, any possible failure to act by the officers. “, Tetyana Mazur, Executive Director of AI in Ukraine, said.

As reported, Dmitry Pozdeev died on 29 Sept. after being detained on 25 Sept. on suspicion of theft.

He apparently became unwell 20 minutes after returning to the police station after an investigative experiment away from the station.  According to information received by AI, ambulance staff tried to stabilize his heart beat and breathing but in vain, and two hours after their arrival, the doctors announced him dead. 

From the outset there have been diverging reports, outlined here:  Death in Police Custody: Official and Unofficial Versions

The first forensic medical report found that Pozdeev had died of a heart disorder, however his friends assert that he had never complained of any heart problems and that he played sport actively. There is a link in the text above which shows photos taken of the upper part of Dmitry’s body.  The Ombudsperson’s representative has said that they have been told that these could have arisen from the effect of cold in the morgue on the deceased man’s body.  Amnesty International has pointed out that the marks could mean that the young man was subjected to torture.

Dmitry Pozdeev was buried on Friday evening despite calls for an investigation and disturbing discrepancies in the reports around his death. 

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