Kharkiv journalist reports threats


One of the sheets received together with printed messages like "Dying at Christmas is cool"

Kharkiv journalist, Zhanna Tytarenko says that since 19 December she has received threats against her which she has reported to the police and Prosecutor’s office.

She writes in her column on the website «Справжня варта».[Spravzhnya Varta] that during the night from 5 to 6 January she heard a big noise at the window, foul languages and the words “I’ll kill …”.  She has been regularly receiving written threats since 19 December and police have twice been at her home.

Zhanna Tytarenko asserts that all of this began after material was published about the activities of police officers investigating the disappearance of 20-year-old young men whose clean clothes and unidentified bodies were passed to relatives several weeks later, claiming that they’d died in a road accident. The journalist reports that the first young man disappeared after being dragged into a police car and believes that police officers may be implicated in the threats against her.

In fact this is not the only hard-hitting topic which the journalist has covered on the site over recent months. She wrote about a court hearing into the assault against Oleksy Kornyev by members of the far-right organization “Patriot of Ukraine”  She says that she was approached and abused by members of the organization who tried to stop her attending the hearings.

Telekritika reports that it has asked the Kharkiv Regional Police for their comments on the report.

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