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today 27.09.2016 18:33
(by Kyiv time)


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UHHRU calls for Presidentís Impeachment and Dismissal of Government


The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union is appalled by the cynical and senseless violence demonstrated during the unlawful dispersing of the peaceful protest on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv and other acts of violence throughout the country.

The bad faith demonstrated recently by those in power, the cynical lies in claiming that they did not plan to disperse EuroMaidan, the violence planned and organized by police against peaceful citizens, set against the background of the demonstrative rejection of European integration, leaves no room for doubt.† The regime headed by Viktor Yanukovych has decided to move towards a totalitarian model for Ukraine.

The context of the events leaves no doubt that the order to commit crimes against peaceful citizens came from the highest echelons of power.

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union considers that last night Yanukovychís regime openly positioned itself in confrontation to Ukraineís civil society. The events of the last weeks have showed that the ruling regime has lost any link with the people, and they can remain in power after this last night only through the use of lies and violence.

We demand from all Ukraineís members of parliament that they initiate impeachment proceedings against the president and that they dismiss the government.

We insist that an investigation be carried out as soon as possible into the crimes carried out by people wearing the uniforms of police special units during the breaking-up of the peaceful gathering on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv and that those responsible face criminal charges.

We demand that the Human Rights Ombudsperson initiate proceedings regarding these events publish a report on the results.


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