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today 30.09.2016 14:48
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FSB search Sevastopol home, threaten prosecution for mystery ‘extremism’


Another FSB visitation was reported on Friday, after numerous searches in different parts of Crimea the previous day.  Galya (Galina) Denisova first reported that FSB officers were carrying out a search of her home, then later said that they were accusing her of having written something in August 2014 that comes under the article on ‘extremism’ in Russia’s criminal code.  She said that she has no idea what it might have been.   

The officers appear to have presented a court order, and told her not to use tickets she has to leave the peninsula, saying that she would be stopped at the border.  People with whom she communicated on Facebook, including Lisa Bohutska, the well-known Crimean blogger driven from Crimea after being detained and searched in September last year, gave advice and one promised to send a lawyer to Ms Denisova, who was clearly in a state of panic. 

It is disturbingly clear from the conversation on her Facebook page that people opposing Russian annexation and remaining Ukrainian citizens feel at threat, and are also wary of possible provocation. 

There is no independent evidence to back Denisova’s words, but the events of the last months also give few grounds for questioning them.  As reported here, on April 2 mass searches were carried out of Crimean Tatar homes in the village of Zhuravki and township of Lenino, as well as at least one report of such a search in Simferopol. 

More details here: ‘Anti-terrorist exercises’ as latest intimidation of Crimean Tatars

A prominent Crimean Tatar figure called the searches, checks and other heavy-handed measures the latest wave of intimidation against Crimean Tatars. 

Judging by the search on Friday, Crimean Tatars may be the main target, but the occupation regime is clearly demonstrating its intolerance for any Crimeans who oppose Russia’s annexation of Crimea.   Warnings over possible “extremist activities” have been issued with respect to possible protests over the forced silencing of Crimean Tatar media, as well as the use of Ukrainian flags at a meeting marking the 201st anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko. 

With just about any form of dissent or independent behaviour termed ‘extremist’, it is small wonder that Galya Denisova has no idea why the FSB descended on her.

Halya Coynash   

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