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Famous accordion-player remanded for another month



The Kyiv Court of Appeal has again extended the remand in custody of famous accordion-player Ihor Zavadsky on suspicion of corrupting minors. The period is now extended until 24 September.  Ihor Zavadsky’s lawyer says that her client is becoming blind while held in custody. Yevhenia Zakrevskaya says that although the police have completed their investigation, neither the accused nor his defence have been given the file material.

Mr Zavadsky was arrested on 23 March and remanded in custody in the Lukyanivsk SIZO [remand prison].

His case was publicized firstly in the documentary by TVi journalist Kostyantin Usov “Lukyanivka. Prison No. 1”.  This highlighted shocking corruption and abuse in Ukraine’s most prominent detention centre, but seemingly only one criminal investigation.  This is typically over the fact that Ihor Zavadsky had a mobile telephone by which he spoke with the journalist.  TVi has also presented a documentary suggesting that the young man may have been set up by a rival.

The case is of particular concern for other reasons as well.  An extraordinary information campaign was mounted following his arrest and there were also serious infringements of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Mr Zavadsky’s allegations that he was tortured by the police have not been investigated.  Nor, would it seem , is his eye condition being given the attention it needs.

New information from the Segodnya Newspaper 

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